DM-CaptchaCheck if a visitor is a robot or human

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## Approach 1 (auto/form-field):
Input anything:
## Approach 2 (programmatically/callback): @ToDo Input anything:
# API-Explorer You can test and play around with the [API-Explorer](
# About dm-captcha ## Goals Trying to build a service similar to [googles recaptcha]( while... * implementing [Daniel Marschalls Challenge]( * using [Webfan API]( * using [Frdlweb.js]( * *optionally* using [Webfan Webfat Components](#components) * avoid any *Finde alle Wörter mit Ü und baue daraus ein Müsli um zu beweisen das du kein Mensch bist.*
# Registration * [Create an app](!/account/app) with the scope -captcha- included. * Get the [key and secret](!/account/app) of your app.


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